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Decorative walkways can be an easy accent for any landscape. Mulcahy’s Landscaping and Design, LLC can design and install a decorative walkway that will serve you well both visually and functionally. Walkways usually lead your visitor to a homes entrance, from the driveway to the front door or to an outside area such as the patio or swimming pool. Using brick and concrete pavers for these walkways adds a level of beauty to your home that will last a lifetime.

Brick and concrete paver walkways can be built to provide a beautiful flow and consistency to compliment the design of your home and other outdoor structures and areas. You may simply want to install a garden path to compliment your yards landscaping or lead to a quiet garden spot. Mulcahy’s Landscaping and Design, LLC will certainly discuss your plans to help guide you in the right direction from design to choosing the colors of your brick paver walkway.

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