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Mulcahy’s Landscape and Design, LLC provides a classic and beautiful look to your driveway, entrance feature and parking areas that you cannot achieve from other surfaces! Brick pavers are available in numerous colors, patterns and designs which provide our clients with choices to suit any style of home or property, without the problems of cracking, staining, and unsightly repairs associated with concrete and asphalt. With a minimum rating of 7,000 to 9,000 p.s.i. pavers are the materials driveway customers prefer to install after reviewing other driveway construction options.

Compared to concrete, interlocking pavers are stronger and each of the brick pavers acts as an expansion joint to eliminate cracking. Repairing a driveway installation is much easier with pavers than with concrete or asphalt materials. Brick pavers are the only surface that can be repaired by replacing individual pavers with new ones. If you spill paint or have a bad oil stain you can replace just the pavers that were stained, and no one will ever know! With all other surfaces, it is impossible to hide the repairs. We recommend driveway sealer upon completion of the driveway installation to give your pavers a lustrous and protective sheen.

Mulcahy’s Landscape and Design, LLC driveway paving installation crews are more than installers, they are true artisans! In a short time we can remodel your property by replacing your cracked concrete or asphalt driveway with a beautiful, custom driveway design. On average, a driveway installation of approximately 2,000 square feet would normally be a two-day project.

Mulcahy’s Landscape and Design, LLC specializes in demolition and removal of your old, existing concrete or asphalt driveway. We are experts at installing all types of driveway drainage systems to address any drainage issues that are a problem with your existing driveway. We also specialize in installing all types of concrete curbing to address heavy traffic areas and drive through areas. Mulcahy’s Landscape and Design, LLC knows that functional turn-around areas for vehicles is imperative in the design of your driveway. We maximize your usable space to provide optimal vehicle turning radiuses and parking areas for your specific property. We place an emphasis on recycling demolished concrete and asphalt for an eco-friendly, green environment.

Our skill and technique of laying interlocking brick pavers makes your investment pay for itself over the life of your home. The unrivaled beauty, upkeep, and long-term cost efficiency of properly installed brick pavers are the optimal choice for a driveway remodel project. Please view our “Portfolio” gallery and gain valuable insight into the many hardscape installation projects that our company can create for you today! See for yourself how Mulcahy’s Landscape and Design, LLC can take an ordinary landscape or hardscape and transform it into an extraordinary themed environment.

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